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Tuesday, 08 January 2019 21:45

2015 GMC Denali HD

Written by Eddie Maloney | Solomon Lunger
external front angeled shot of 2015 GMC Denali in the backwoods

Countdown to Customization
When TCS decided to take on the build, they offered to meet Chris halfway in Texas, since Chris was from the east coast of Florida. From there, Chris would fly back home and Marcio, the owner of TCS, would take Chris’ truck and all accompanying parts back to California. At the time, TCS was one of the only companies that had successfully swapped an independent suspension to a straight axle.

underneath close up shot of 2015 GMC Denali's suspension

It sounds simple, but in reality, hundreds of hours to customize and fabricate the suspension and driveline would still be required. Words do it no justice. As the build was underway, Chris made a phone call to his buddy Carlos Gonzales from Specialty Forged to tell him what was in store for the truck. Chris also needed a few suggestions on the proper wheels for fitment. After seeing the progress and work going into the build, Carlos knew he wanted Chris’ truck for the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

close up shot of 2015 GMC Denali's bed with sound system

Chris mentioned that was the quickest he had ever said yes to anyone. “Having my truck at the SEMA Show was a lifelong goal of mine.” The “customization” was in full force, with the truck now in pieces ready for its grand makeover. At this point, the Denali was a shell of its former self, barely recognizable to even Chris. To get the Denali just right, every part of the truck got a new mod. Every bolt was chromed, the frame was painted and modified, the driveline was totally customized and so much more. With Chris’ vision coming to life with the help Marcio, the Denali was destined to be a fabrication masterpiece.


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