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Written by DUB Staff

2014 SEMA Show Highlights

All the major players were in attendance at this year’s annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, which featured innovative project vehicles that will get any car enthusiast’s heart racing, as well as numerous booths and aftermarket products galore. Considered the king of all auto tradeshows, every year’s show features the latest trends and newest parts to hit the market, and this year was no different. There was literally something for everybody – from slammed imports, classic hotrods and lifted rides that towered over the competition.

As off-roading culture continues to expand, this year’s SEMA show reflected the segment’s growth with its own off-road hall (officially called South Hall). Off-roading is more than just a culture; it’s a multi-billon dollar global culture and shops and independent builders flexed their fabricating muscles by showcasing some outrageous sky-high trucks and Jeeps. There were armored 4x4s, trail-conquering Jeeps with massive tires and wheels, rock crawlers, Trophy tucks, UTVs, expedition trucks and converted Duallys sprawled out across the Las Vegas Convention Center and adjoining lots. The Jeep Wrangler JK still reigned supreme over all the other off-road vehicles, but the all-new aluminum bodies 2015 Ford F-150 customized in various styles caught the attention of many.

And it was a Wrangler JK that stole the show during the last day of the SEMA Show, which ended in what everyone’s is calling “the crunch heard around the world,” when that Jeep rear-ended a very notable Ferrari Italia 458. But both parties involved were totally cool about it, which will forever place this SEMA show as one for the books! DUB LIVE! Display was another fan favorite with bespoke rides every which way you turned! There were…